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Caribbean Property Magazine - Grenada
Land Area - 36 sq. miles
Population - 10,000
Climate - average 25ºC
Language - English
Capital - Charlestown
Currency - EC Dollar

Circular island with central volcanic cone (Nevis Peak).
Located 20 degrees south of Tropic of Cancer, Tropical Forest, rich vegetation.
By air - regular flights from Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Maarten & St. Kitts.
By sea - daily passenger ferry service from St. Kitts.
Sport & Pleasure:
Tourism Week - February
Culturama - July/August
Heritage Festival - September
Sports Event - All year round
More information:
Nevis tourism Office, Charlestown, Nevis.
Tel: (869) 469-1042 Fax: (869) 469-1066

Caribbean Property Magazine - Nevis Nevis is another of those idyllic hideway Caribbean islands that has not been exploited by the modern commercial world. It is a mere 36 square miles and those who have taken the trouble to discover it will be captivated by its beauty and its people.

Nevis Peak with its cotton wool covering of soft fluffy cloud once attracted the - great explorer Christopher Columbus, who called it 'Nuestra Senora de las Nievas' - Our Lady of the Snows. Gradually over the years the name shortened to Nevis, a lush botanical gem on the Caribbean map.

Part of the beauty of Nevis is its close proximity to its sister island St Kitts, just two miles on the map but looking much closer with the naked eye. Constantly affected by the Tradewinds, Nevis has a beautiful sunny climate all year round and although it gets rain, it tends to come in short bursts from August to February.

The dominant geographical feature is the 3,232 feet high Nevis Peak, surrounded by tropical forests that stretch downward to the mangroves and coconut plantations that almost slide into the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

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